Do your students know how to interview?

Many students do not know what is expected of them during job interviews. Rate My Interview provides colleges and universities with a valuable mock interview evaluation program for their students. 

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Rate My Interview helps colleges and universities prepare students for the job interview process by providing valuable feedback on their mock interviews.

Enter Email

Students enter their .edu email to receive a link to their personal interview evaluation form

Send Link

Prior to their mock interviews, students will send their interview evaluation link to each of their interviewers

Get Results

When a mock interviewer completes an interview evaluation, the results will be emailed directly to the student

Colleges and universities use the Rate My Interview platform to better prepare their students for future job interviews

What is the platform?

Rate My Interview provides Career Services and Development offices at colleges and universities with an online system for rating their students’ mock interviews.

How does it work?

Your students’ mock interviewers will complete a brief online interview evaluation, which will be sent directly to each student’s .edu email address. Aggregated results will be available to administrators for analysis.


Why is providing interview feedback good for your college or university?

In many cases, students and job-seekers, especially those new to the interview process, may not be aware of what is expected of them during their interviews, including attire, research, and personal conduct.

The feedback provided in the interview evaluations will be important to the career prospects of students and job seekers who may be new to the interview process.

Students will have access to their university-branded student portal

Click here to access the demo student portal. Send a test Interview Evaluation form to yourself, fill it out, and see how efficient the process is.